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Kinetic Art Sculpture
Kinetic Sculptures
by Nick Diemel
Each of my Kinetic Sculptures is a mechanical wooden sculpture powered by a constant-force spring. The sculptures are beautiful artistic creations when at rest, but they become truly exciting and fascinating when in motion. After a simple winding they move with grace in a very fluid motion, as all the hand crafted parts work together effortlessly for varying lengths of time. (1.5 to 2.5+ hours )

The movements and rotations are mostly random, since every sculpture has a different specific weight and balance, mainly because of the various densities in the natural wood fibers and finishes. 
This sculpture is a fully spring driven & gravity propelled operating mechanism, 
no electric cords or batteries. 6
Many of the spring & release mechanisms in my sculptures I have found in old books like Mechanical Movements by Henry Brown, and many more other sources from all over the world & the internet.

These are a Limited Edition & one-of-a-kind sculptures, yet each  Kinetic Sculpture is unique and a little different from all the others. 
All the wooden pieces are hand sanded, stained, balanced and finished. They are each individually hand built by me, Nick Diemel. 

Growing up in Indonesia & Holland, I have always been fascinated by wind driven and other mechanical objects. I have built many model airplanes as a teenager, mostly out of wood. After coming to the USA in the late fifties, I became a foreign car mechanic for over 25 years in the San Francisco Bay area & Soulsbyville. 
Most of my life I have also been an Artist, painting on canvas and creating freeform art, in wood & metal art, and in many other media.

My love for Art, woodworking and mechanical gadgets have always drawn me to create things that can move on their own. 
In the near future I will also incorporate rare earth magnet driven systems into my Kinetic Art & Sculptures.

I have many new ideas rolling around in my mind for creating artistic  and exciting Kinetic contraptions. Sometimes in the middle of the night I will think of a new exciting idea, then, by morning I will jot down the sketches and details of my ideas for future creations. 

Currently I live in Bend Oregon with my wife Ellen. We enjoy the Central Oregon high desert lifestyle and the changing seasons in this beautiful mountain community. Now that I am semi-retired from my carpentry profession, I really desire to spend more of my days creating Kinetic Art and also painting this beautiful world around me.    
                            Thank you for visiting.                           Nick Diemel 
Kinetic Sculptures
Nick Diemel Kinetic ArtNick Diemel Kinetic Art
Nick Diemel Kinetic ArtNick Diemel Kinetic ArtNick Diemel Kinetic Art
Nick Diemel Kinetic ArtNick Diemel Kinetic Art
Nick Diemel Kinetic Art Sculptures
nick diemel  sr.
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"On Eagles Wings"
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Kinetic Art Sculpture: "On Eagles Wings"    Price: 
Size: 36"x34"x8"       (limited edition collectors series)
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Kinetic Art Sculpture: "Salmon Run"      Price: 
Size: 35"x34"x8"           (limited edition collectors series)
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Wall Motion Art
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by Nick Diemel
nick diemel
Due to a year long journey to Indonesia, I will not be able to create any.
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